We track the activity of 12,537 Superinvestors for 136,697 securities.

We also track the activity of 74,350 corporate Insiders for 7,236 publicly traded companies.

Largest net Insider buys for the last 3 months

Stock buys and sells among corporate insiders for period between 01 Jul 2023 and 01 Oct 2023

Number of insiders: 6377, Insider trading total volume: $37.3 B

Sym Company Buy Value $ Sell Value $ Net Value $ Ins. Buying Ins. Selling Net AVG Buy Price $ AVG Sell Price $ Latest Buy Latest Sell

Top Superinvestors' buys for last quarter Q2 2023

Consensus stock buys and sells among Superinvestors for period between 01 Apr 2023 and 30 Jun 2023

Symbol Company Class Buys % Sells % Net % Buys Sells Net Price Value Diff $